09 April 2011

Salon Date

Last night was date night once again and it was Chad's night to plan. Sometimes I manage to foil his plans, and that was certainly true last night.

Being a wonderfully observant husband, Chad knew that I'd been meaning to get a haircut. I tend to be horrible about planning this ahead of time, but instead wait until my hair is driving me absolutely crazy and then run into a salon when I have some free time or simply whack it off myself. This week I was definitely at that point, having to pull my hair back in clips or headbands because it simply wouldn't cooperate in doing much else. 

My amazing husband had planned to treat us both to new haircuts. However, I found enough free time during my lunch hour yesterday and had already gotten a haircut before I got home. Bummer. To keep with the plan, Chad asked what else I might like to have done at the salon. Well, I'd been thinking more and more about coloring my hair ... prompted by the three grey hairs I found a few weeks ago and have since been carefully tucking under the rest of my hair. (Do you like how I refer to it as grey hair, as if that spelling makes it more distinguished than the you-are-getting-old gray kind?)

Not realizing what he was signing up for, Chad took me to the salon and ordered a haircut for himself and highlights for me. Of course, he had no idea how long this adventure would take, and having never gotten highlights before, neither did I. 

Two colors (dark blond and deep red), nearly three hours, and a lot of $$ later...

and he couldn't even see that it looks different! (I didn't think to do a before shot for comparison.) Oh well. 

He was a phenomenal sport about the whole thing. Have I mentioned lately that I have an incredible husband? There was certainly some shock involved in this adventure, but no complaints. 

I Chad.


Piepee said...

Love it.

Krista said...

you look Fabulous! You two are so good at having date nights. Now that Sydney can babysit, we should do a double date...I could use some highlights ;)

If you think my hands are full, you should see my heart!

If you think my hands are full, you should see my heart!